Wednesday, 15 September 2010

OMG MASSIVE MASSIVE spider in the PC room last night
like as big as my hand........... and when i went to wake the BF up of corse i lost it and about 17 hours later im still scared T_T
i mean it could still be in the room like under the sofa just waiting for me to forget about it and appear again to freak me out :(

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

OMG and i finally finished New Moon!
Im really quite glad i didnt see it at the cinema as i forgot that i wasn't finished with the book :(
I was about 2 chapters till the end and left it for months!!
Started on Breaking Dawn now since its FIIIIIIIIIIIIIINALLY coome out in paperback :D
Oh god im ill again ¬_¬
Hate it XD

plus side
ive seen so many cute blogs out there *_*

The game I play Aion has just released its expansion so im going to be busy busy on it!!

Yes i am a terrible person ^^;

Nom nom toast with raspberry jam!