Monday, 6 December 2010

My God Tumblr is down still..............the normal world has ended T_T

Did any one see VLB's review on Illamasqua's foundation??
It looks amazing for concealing!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

My gawd my new job is taking up all my time! XD
although its only working in a card shop its pretty decent for a job :D
im only meant to be part time temping but this week i got asked to do a massive 42 hours!!
i took a few hours off tomorrow though as ill need a bit of a lie in after the 10am start today (yes it might be late for some but its early for me :P)

Sooooooooooooo looking forward to getting paid weekly though! I have so many things i want to buy and save for!
Yay ^^

I have a new thing to play with..........a tumblr.....
feel free to add me since i missed out on the massive lolita post ¬_¬

Saturday, 30 October 2010


Heres a really cute giveaway from My Life in Word's xwhlo :D
My favourite part of her giveaway is these cute velcro hair bows for keeping hair off your face!
Theres also a hand cream, lip balms, nail stickers and others!
Take a peek while you can as it ends tomorrow! :D

Friday, 22 October 2010

Currently making a Wants/Loves folder on my photobucket and OMG its huge XD
such as these
I love old style hair combs! theyre just gorgeous *_*

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


An actual picture post from me!
shock yes
another cute little boy kitty turned out to be a cute little girl kitty!
Jayne (kitty's ex-surrogate mummy) totally did not believe me when I said she gave us a girl one instead of a boy XD

We decided to call her Luna or Lu for short :P
Poor kitty for having a new mummy that adores Sailor Moon <3 Lets find a decent pic of the cute hyperactive thing


So cute!

A favourite spot of her's
Daddy's laptop while hes studying :D

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


We're getting a kitty tomorrow~
I am so so excited!
It's a pure black one *_* there were 2 black boys and 1 black+white boy but I always had black+white ones so I thought pure black would be cute ^^
But I have no idea about names for him yet :(
We have all his kitty needs attended to already except flea treatment (tomorrow since he has them now :( ) and some more little toys for him like balls and feathery thingies

On another note I got free make up from my charity shop I work in :D
They're not allowed to sell it used obviously so I got it free
3 Rimmel lipsticks, 2 Rimmel nail varnishes, 2 Rimmel eye liners, a 17 eye liner, a GOSH eye liner an NYC eye shadow palette and a W7 eye shadow palette!
Also they're not allowed to sell pierced earrings so I got a cute pair of light blue shiny squares also :D
Disinfected them all first though with wipes and the BF's piercing solution hehe
Ima post a pic of my mini haul after kitty is settled :)

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

OMG MASSIVE MASSIVE spider in the PC room last night
like as big as my hand........... and when i went to wake the BF up of corse i lost it and about 17 hours later im still scared T_T
i mean it could still be in the room like under the sofa just waiting for me to forget about it and appear again to freak me out :(

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

OMG and i finally finished New Moon!
Im really quite glad i didnt see it at the cinema as i forgot that i wasn't finished with the book :(
I was about 2 chapters till the end and left it for months!!
Started on Breaking Dawn now since its FIIIIIIIIIIIIIINALLY coome out in paperback :D
Oh god im ill again ¬_¬
Hate it XD

plus side
ive seen so many cute blogs out there *_*

The game I play Aion has just released its expansion so im going to be busy busy on it!!

Yes i am a terrible person ^^;

Nom nom toast with raspberry jam!

Monday, 16 August 2010


Who knew it was so hard to keep a blog!
Gawd I keep looking here and thinking "omg what can I share"
I mean when you sit around with sadly no job and a slight gaming addiction what is there of interest ^^;
Started playing a new one called LOCO which is sort of MMO and sort of....not XD
Waiting for Aika beta testing to start so I can play that for a bit~

Both me and the BF have been ill recently so major :( there!
Luckily he has this week off now so we can spend some time together ^^;

Thursday, 8 July 2010


1: Lauren Rhiannon
500 Follower Giveaway part 1! part 1!! very cool that its a Barry M and other giveaway

2: Kaitlyn Maness
For Kaitlyn's 200 follower givaway shes offering 1 item from the MAC To The Beach range!

3: Milk Tea
This is Mirukut's 5x10/5 Giveaway meaning that theres 10 items! And theyre all cute!

4: The Hungry Asian
This is For her blog anniversary and birthday :D 17 gorgeous nail varnishes including 2 she made herself :O the winner gets one named after them!

5: Laurita
Laurita's second giveaway! Some cute loli items such as BTSSB and Metamorphose~

6: Witoxicity
This is for a gorgeous Light by Ellis Faas. The colours of these pens are gorgeous!

Thats all for now girls! Enjoy them ^^
Maybe later ill make an outfit post as im bored of being in my PJs already hehe ^^

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

PC is back! My cute thing felt bad and bought a new part ^^;
Poor boy <3 Bad thing.....someone linked MORE giveaways T_T Ima have to pick and choose hehe ^^ Popped into Urban Decay today and saw the most awesome colour eyeshadow! Stardust Eyeshadow in Atmosphere~ Photobucket
Its a touch bluer IRL but its very very shimmery!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

My pc has broken!!!
Well the bf broke it whilst trying to install a new graphics card for it :(
So all my giveaway links are gone :( (and all my other links lol)
So now im on the bf's pc ^^;
But ive found 4 new ones linked by someone ^^

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Picture post!

No new pics still QQ
Waiting on some from a recent photoshoot still :(
Ill fetch them off him eventually
I sold this skirt now but it was so cute made of flannel fabric with tiny hearts~
I loved it but i had so needed the money QQ
Sigh another 5 giveaways to link you to soon ^^; i store them in my tabs till i have many for a post ^^
Had a big fatty cheesy dominoes pizza with potato wedges today *_* it was sooooo good but i swear i felt my heart dying XD ....... although im underweight ^^;

Thursday, 1 July 2010

OK Giveaways

So lets jump right in there! Theres 8 this time *_* All lovely!

1: Bec's Beauty Buzz
Shes giving away some items that the people from WowSoCool have sent her :D
Konad Giveaway!

2: Moments Like Diamonds
This is for her 535+ followers ^^ called Pack Your Bags since shes going away to Tokyo!

3: Candy Kawaii Lover
For her 300 follower marks she's giving away some cute lens cases and false lashes

4: Stardust Stephanie
Birthday giveaway this time!

5: Lacquer Wear's Blog
She's reached 200 followers and is giving away some nail polish :)

6: Serious Shiny
Ria's birthday givaway!

7: Product Rater
Justine has reached 100 followers! Congrats~

8: Pimp My Nails
This is Iris' 200 followers giveaway! And it's Hello Kitty themed *_*

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

I am sad that I missed yesterday's dress-up on poupee girl and now I dont get my 200 ribbon bonus :(
But on a good note i got about 700 extra jewels and bought a dress and 2 goes on the catcher~

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Woo! Going to a session for adult university goers tomorrow at Manchester Uni
I don't know if I will be able to talk to the Japanese tutor or the disability centre but ill try ^^ So many things to ask since I cant go to Uni again unless I get some sort of funding and since I quit after 4 years already I have no clue if I will be able to get any :(
Which is one reason why I need an ADHD assessment before I start instead of after I start uni :(
Also where are all these giveaways coming from XD got another 7 to post!

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Woooo Foxy is coming back up next weekend! Maybe can get another Photo shoot done :D
We didnt get to shoot Lolita last time but maybe this time we can ^^
Hes coming up to do shoots with his other friends ^^
Here's one from the last shoot~ A thumbnail this time instead of smaller pic
Oh My God
my hand is dead XD
so much Aion today with 3 instances and 1 fort seige so far *_*
will probably be 2 more sieges tonight bah!
Made me all tired ^^;

Friday, 25 June 2010

Follower comp!

Woo I have 4 followers on GFC and one has asked me to advertise her very first giveaway so here goes ^^

They are all by the Gatsby brand

some silver dye *_* very cool not seen silver dye before!
3x styling wax~ wax is good ^^
pore strips - who doesnt love them XD
blotting paper.....lifesaver sometimes on a photoshoot :D
wet paper - for freshening up
and a Mystery item!

Lets hope she has some more followers soon :D
HMMMMMMMMMMMMM dont seem to be getting notifications when people should be notifying me right? XD
or am i too used to LJ maybe ^^;

Parokeets Giveaway

Parokeets Beauty Blog
300th follower summer giveaway for Parokeets beauty blog ^^
Look at all the Essence items!! And a paint pot *_*

Congratulations to your 300 followers :D
Ahhh that was a long post again
Shop volunteering today!
Fun fun~
BF bought home some dark chocolate and white chocolate mikado yesterday!!
so yummy! I love mikado as you can actually taste the chocolate unlike Pocky :(
Soooo lets have another Giveaway post!
Found all of these from a blog i follow
Yay new blogs to follow! ^^
Theres 8!!

This is her 500th follower celebration giveaway ^^

2: Elli Duvolle
She's off to Korea so is having a korean giveaway! Very cool :D

3: Ruth's Reflection
This is for Ruth's 50th follower! Congrats Ruth ^^ Some cute items there!

4: The Skinnies
100 followers for The Skinnies!
Velcro hair bow for keeping your hair out the way when you do make-up *_* So want one :D

5: ChocoMintBubblegum
ChocoMint is having a Gyaru inspired giveaway *_* Cute!

6: Katie Ngo
This is Katie's 3rd giveaway ^^
One Sedonalace's 88 matte palette~ She says it rivals Coastalscents :D

7: Sprinkle of Glitter
Lou is having a 500th follower giveaway also! Ooooh Urban Decay up for grabs ^^

Yet another long post *_*
Crazy crazy hehe ^^
Only 14 ribbons left to afford the long veil~

lets have some pics of me and pixel me shall we ^^
me on a shoot~

My girl in the cute pink wedding kimono ^^ cute!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Yet another jewel catcher! Katherine why do you tempt us so!
Some lovely wedding kimono *_*
Sadly i got the girl bear first and then a pink kimono~
Now i have only 130 jewels :(
damn you pretty pixels :P

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

After that massive post heres a random picture of myself!
Isn't that skirt so cute *_* and I love those socks :D
Not sure if my new improved petti will fit under the skirt though ~_~

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Give-away Posts of people I follow ^^

Heres a post of some giveaways from some really awesome blogs :D
7 to be exact! All real nice~

1: Pinkbox Makeup
This is her first givaway!

Lots of good things there :D
Woot for your first giveaway! Hope I will be able to do one too some day ^^

2: ChaiGyaru
Chaigyaru is giving away some circle lenses and also false lashes from Kiwiberry!

Very cool looking lenses *_*

3: Oh Jhoy!
This is Oh Jhoy's 4th giveaway! Summer one now with some lovely make up, false lashes and even bikini tops :D

Pink or black which would you prefer? :P

4: AllAboutBeauty
They're having a 200 followers Thank You giveaway! Up for grabs are MAC items *_*

Who doesn't love MAC :D
Congratulations on 200~

5: Candy Kawaii Lover
CKL is giving away 3 pairs of lenses from Mukuchu~
Mukuchu also sell some cute lense cases :D

Very nice looking *_*

6: Babbling Brooke
Well this looks to be a massive amount of stuff she is giving away!!
This is for her 2nd blog anniversary :D

Wow *_* get in there ladies!
Happy Blogiversary!

7:Tina Bobeena
Tina's giveaway for her 150th follower! Beauty accessories this time :D

All good items for your bags! :D
Congrats on your followers!

Thats all of them :D
Well well it looks like I finally found out/realise what is up with me ^^
I've always had writing difficulties and trouble expressing things and problems like procrastinating/starting then stopping things and well wanting to start but never know how to... like this blog :)
Looks like I might have ADD! I was looking at learning difficulties and thought I might have dysgraphia as its about writing problems but more I looked its more about Physically having problems with writing whereas mine is more about trouble putting the thoughts to paper, the things above and well.....quite a few other symptoms. Ill be off to the GP for an assessment as soon as I can actually force myself to find one and ring it :(
I would love to write here every day with a nice item or good site/picture I've found. Also good photographers/artists and of course you gorgeous lolitas <3
I even have a few notes jotted down to make a few make-up reviews ^^
Hopefully it'll sort itself out soon :)

Monday, 14 June 2010


Well I seem to have FINALLY figured out Google Reader/Google Friend Connect/Blogger connections
I had followed lots of blogs with GFC and I was goin crazy about how my GR hadnt updated with all the new unread blogs!
Finally found out you have to do it all with Blogger XD
Click follow with GFC> go Blogger > Manage subscriptions> add> they appear in GR XD
Gawd its taken me about a week!!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Poupee girl just gave me 450 jewels from offerpal and after 5 tries on the catcher I only need the boy lolita bear! I so want the wings *_* Theyre so so awesome!
Damn you poupee girl ^^;

Monday, 24 May 2010


Wooo this is my first blog :)
-Hopefully for reviews of cosmetics, lolita, fashion, pictures and my just-starting-modelling info ^^