Thursday, 2 October 2014

Makeup Revolution Lip Items!

So this is the next instalment of my first Makeup Revolution Haul Makeup Revolution Website. First up is lips!
There's a ton of photos and it's quite long as I've done some comparisons so beware :P


As they came packaged.
Fusion, 100% Vamp, Rebel With Cause, Black Heart, Reckless, Passion
Passion, Reckless, Fusion, 100% Vamp, Rebel With Cause, Black Heart
Swatched (left-down Right-down)
100% Vamp, Black Heart
Reckless, Passion, Fusion, Rebel With Cause
These have a really smooth, creamy formula. Fusion and Black Heart were the only disappointing ones. Fusion was meant to be a matte shade and it's not and it's also so so sheer :( Black Heart looks far too similar to 100% Vamp to be worth buying.

Lip Lacquers
Rebel, Vamp, Black Heart
Rebel, Vamp, Black Heart.
I like how easily these applied but yet once again Black Heart is so similar to 100% Vamp that I wouldn't say you need both. Further down I've done a comparison and test with MUA and Bourjois liquid lipsticks.

Vamp set lipsticks next to corresponding Vamp set Lip Lacquers

Lip WOW and Amazing Care
Lip WOW in Maria and Amazing Care in Love A Hug and I had earlier bought Love Red! so I've included it for comparison

Maria, Love A Hug, Love Red!
I really like the colours in these. The Lip WOW Maria is a gorgeous burgundy colour and although the Amazing Cares don't leave much of a colour, due to the argan oil outer being so thick, they are very nice pinky red and red shades.

So after these I tried the lip lacquers next to other matte effect liquid lipsticks
Bourjois - Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick - Grand Cru (both of them are the same to show how it came out odd the first time)
MUR - Lip Lacquers - Rebel, Vamp, Black Heart
MUA Luxe - Velvet Lip Lacquers - Reckless, Funk, Kooky, Criminal, Atomic

Left to dry and then rubbed hard with 1 finger.
As you can see the Bourjois one was pretty awful. Only Vamp from MUR came off slightly the others were fine. MUA didnt move at all.
Wash+Scrub Test.
The Bourjois and MUR did leave some colour behind after the lipstick came off. MUA didnt stain but was the hardest to remove and I really scrubbed that!

Trying out 100% Vamp and Black Heart Lipsticks on the bottom left compared to Revlon - Black Cherry (top left), Barry M - Black, Rimmel by Kate Moss - 04, and 17 - New Black

Few Comparison shots with other budget brands
MUA - , MUR - Fusion, MUA Lip Boom - It's A Situation, Revlon Ultimate Suede - Backstage
Rimmel - Bordeaux, Revlon - Black Cherry, Collection Gothic Glam - Revenge, MUA Lip Boom - Let Me Know

After all of those, that's all for the time being *breathes*
Next will be MUR eyes!

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