Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Give-away Posts of people I follow ^^

Heres a post of some giveaways from some really awesome blogs :D
7 to be exact! All real nice~

1: Pinkbox Makeup
This is her first givaway!

Lots of good things there :D
Woot for your first giveaway! Hope I will be able to do one too some day ^^

2: ChaiGyaru
Chaigyaru is giving away some circle lenses and also false lashes from Kiwiberry!

Very cool looking lenses *_*

3: Oh Jhoy!
This is Oh Jhoy's 4th giveaway! Summer one now with some lovely make up, false lashes and even bikini tops :D

Pink or black which would you prefer? :P

4: AllAboutBeauty
They're having a 200 followers Thank You giveaway! Up for grabs are MAC items *_*

Who doesn't love MAC :D
Congratulations on 200~

5: Candy Kawaii Lover
CKL is giving away 3 pairs of lenses from Mukuchu~
Mukuchu also sell some cute lense cases :D

Very nice looking *_*

6: Babbling Brooke
Well this looks to be a massive amount of stuff she is giving away!!
This is for her 2nd blog anniversary :D

Wow *_* get in there ladies!
Happy Blogiversary!

7:Tina Bobeena
Tina's giveaway for her 150th follower! Beauty accessories this time :D

All good items for your bags! :D
Congrats on your followers!

Thats all of them :D

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  1. I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but would you mind posting my giveaway as well? ^^ It would really help me out since I'm just getting started. Thanks so much for your consideration: http://sunbeamsplaying.blogspot.com/2010/06/first-giveaway.html