Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Well well it looks like I finally found out/realise what is up with me ^^
I've always had writing difficulties and trouble expressing things and problems like procrastinating/starting then stopping things and well wanting to start but never know how to... like this blog :)
Looks like I might have ADD! I was looking at learning difficulties and thought I might have dysgraphia as its about writing problems but more I looked its more about Physically having problems with writing whereas mine is more about trouble putting the thoughts to paper, the things above and well.....quite a few other symptoms. Ill be off to the GP for an assessment as soon as I can actually force myself to find one and ring it :(
I would love to write here every day with a nice item or good site/picture I've found. Also good photographers/artists and of course you gorgeous lolitas <3
I even have a few notes jotted down to make a few make-up reviews ^^
Hopefully it'll sort itself out soon :)

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