Thursday, 8 July 2010


1: Lauren Rhiannon
500 Follower Giveaway part 1! part 1!! very cool that its a Barry M and other giveaway

2: Kaitlyn Maness
For Kaitlyn's 200 follower givaway shes offering 1 item from the MAC To The Beach range!

3: Milk Tea
This is Mirukut's 5x10/5 Giveaway meaning that theres 10 items! And theyre all cute!

4: The Hungry Asian
This is For her blog anniversary and birthday :D 17 gorgeous nail varnishes including 2 she made herself :O the winner gets one named after them!

5: Laurita
Laurita's second giveaway! Some cute loli items such as BTSSB and Metamorphose~

6: Witoxicity
This is for a gorgeous Light by Ellis Faas. The colours of these pens are gorgeous!

Thats all for now girls! Enjoy them ^^
Maybe later ill make an outfit post as im bored of being in my PJs already hehe ^^

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