Thursday, 1 July 2010

OK Giveaways

So lets jump right in there! Theres 8 this time *_* All lovely!

1: Bec's Beauty Buzz
Shes giving away some items that the people from WowSoCool have sent her :D
Konad Giveaway!

2: Moments Like Diamonds
This is for her 535+ followers ^^ called Pack Your Bags since shes going away to Tokyo!

3: Candy Kawaii Lover
For her 300 follower marks she's giving away some cute lens cases and false lashes

4: Stardust Stephanie
Birthday giveaway this time!

5: Lacquer Wear's Blog
She's reached 200 followers and is giving away some nail polish :)

6: Serious Shiny
Ria's birthday givaway!

7: Product Rater
Justine has reached 100 followers! Congrats~

8: Pimp My Nails
This is Iris' 200 followers giveaway! And it's Hello Kitty themed *_*

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