Wednesday, 13 October 2010


We're getting a kitty tomorrow~
I am so so excited!
It's a pure black one *_* there were 2 black boys and 1 black+white boy but I always had black+white ones so I thought pure black would be cute ^^
But I have no idea about names for him yet :(
We have all his kitty needs attended to already except flea treatment (tomorrow since he has them now :( ) and some more little toys for him like balls and feathery thingies

On another note I got free make up from my charity shop I work in :D
They're not allowed to sell it used obviously so I got it free
3 Rimmel lipsticks, 2 Rimmel nail varnishes, 2 Rimmel eye liners, a 17 eye liner, a GOSH eye liner an NYC eye shadow palette and a W7 eye shadow palette!
Also they're not allowed to sell pierced earrings so I got a cute pair of light blue shiny squares also :D
Disinfected them all first though with wipes and the BF's piercing solution hehe
Ima post a pic of my mini haul after kitty is settled :)

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